I have a degree in Theater graduated from the National University of Córdoba.


I trained in acting with Augusto Fernándes, Lisandrio Fiks, Darío Dukah, Nora Moseinco, Marcelo Savignone and Paco Giménez;

in Contemporary Dance and Jazz with the teachers Gabriela Serra and Darío Dorzi, in Urban Dances with Majo de la Iglesia;

and in singing with Silvina Fernández and Fernanda Martínez Mina.



«Witches of Salem», Broadway Theater of Buenos Aires
«The camel’s kick», by Sandra Criolani and Sofía González, Teatro El Método Kairos
«The Wardrobe», by Sofía and Manuela González Gil, Microteatro BA
«The Women of the Nazis», by Héctor Levy-Daniel
«I killed a man», by Daniel Dalmaroni
«Volpone», adapted by Mauricio Kartun
«The Woman Who Lifted the Car», written and directed by Leonardo Mendonça
«The last time» directed by Alejandro Fiore
«The Güérfanos» (INT Catalog Presents 2012- 2013- 2014)
«De-tercerizing the home. People in shit hotels» by René Pollesh (Goethe Institute Argentina and Uruguay); doing international tours

«Once» by Disney Channel
«Farsantes» by Polka
«Mr. Papis » by Telefe
«EDÉN The Series» CDA- CN23
«La Purga» CDA

«The Newsstand», by Pablo Pérez
«Do not forget me», by Fernanda Ramondo

I worked with the renowned directors Peter Farrelly, Peter Berg, Augusto Giménez Zapiola, Hernán Corera and Samuel Bayer
in national and international productions

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