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by Sofia and Manuela Gonzalez Gil

«In a wedding, four friends locked in the closet of a party hall try to help Guadalupe, the bride, who regrets having married.»

Dramaturgy: Manuela González Gil, Sofía González Gil

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Jimena Gonzales, Anita Guitierrez, Clara Hails

Graphic design: Malena Papanicolau

Directing assistance: Manuela González Gil

Direction: Sofía González Gil


by Maximiliano Sarramone

«No one is going to convince you of what your eyes do not want to see, not a mirror, not a teacher, nor this violent comedy about obsession.»

Dramaturgy: Maxi Sarramone

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Lucas Lagré, Maxi Sarramone, Leticia Torres

Costumes: Company Terca

Photography: Maria DI Paola

Directing assistance: Paula Zelis

Art direction: Company Terca

Direction: Maxi Sarramone, Leticia Torres