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Don´t forget me

In the summer of 1934, Mateo comes out of prison. An anarchist vagabond, he travels the Pampa plain with an old van loaded with stolen hens, and the illusion of rediscovering his rooster, El Rey, to take him to victory in a fight. A casual encounter puts him in front of Aurelia and Carmelo, sister and brother who are looking for their father. Mateo decides to accompany them to the South. Crossing a land marked by the uprooting of internal migrations, Mateo, Aurelia and Carmelo build a new destiny.

  • Premiere 2017
  • Screenwriter and Director: Fernanda Ramondo
  • Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cumelén Sanz, Santiago Saranite, Mario Bodega, Sandra Criolani
  • Character: Catalina