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By John Steinbeck

First premiere in Argentina.

La Pampa, 1968. Jorge and Lito are two swallow pawns and only have each other. They travel around the country with the illusion of raising enough money to lease their own farm and thus end the misery they drag, but the crudeness of the world will test that unique friendship. Based on the novel by John Steinbeck Nobel Prize for literature.

Character: Woman


Artistic technical sheet

Author: John Steinbeck

Version: Lisandro Fiks

Translation: Juan Luppi

Direction: Lisandro Fiks, Gustavo Luppi

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Lisandro Fiks, Heinz Krattiger, Gustavo Luppi, Juan Luppi, Ramiro Mendez Roy

Scenography: Micaela Sleigh

Design of Lights: Lisandro Fiks, Gustavo Luppi

Photography: Franco Alonso

Assistance of Management: Daniel Caceres

Press: Marcos Mutuverría

Executive Production: Juan Luppi, Ramiro Mendez Roy