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I Killed a Guy

A man in the daily life of his home confesses to his wife that he has killed a guy. What seems to be a single event, the product of an impulse, of a moment of madness, will become an everyday event. His wife, who does everything possible to keep him away from the crime, will be transformed into his main covert. The husband’s homicidal compulsion finds «family restraint» in his wife, but eventually everyone will fall into his murderous rage. Through a mood of darker color, the work takes us through the labyrinths of marriage and shows us how far the family is able to cover up the most terrible horrors. The language of the piece seems to be the compendium of the common places of couple relationships until the emptying of meaning, to nonsense as the only way of relating.

  • 2014/2015
  • Author: Daniel Dalmaroni
  • Director: Adrián Venagli
  • Cast: Alejandro Fiore, Karina Massocco, Fabio Aste, Sandra Criolani
  • Character: Julieta