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Candela Castro is an Argentine artist who, unable to cope with unexpected news, decides to escape to Egypt. On the plane flight she meets Pilar, who is traveling in search of a new reality … The two women belong to completely different worlds, or are they deeply united?

The camel’s kick is a sci-fi drama with comedy overtones.

My Character: Pilar


Authors: Sofia Isabel González and Sandra Criolani

Direction: Ernesto Domínguez

Cast: Sofía Isabel González, Sandra Criolani and Federico Ferreyra

Voices off: Barbie Martínez, Martina Zalazar and Ernesto Domínguez

Original music: Sebastián Lerena

Sound design: Ernesto Domínguez

Illumination design: Ernesto Domínguez

Scenography: Sabrina López Hovhannessian

General production: Sofia Isabel González and Sandra Criolani

Press and dissemination: Shirly Potaz y Pilar Prado