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The woman who lifted the car

An 80-year-old man who forgets his teeth in a subway. An old dog that follows people down the street. A pregnant woman who wants to be an airplane pilot. A lost penguin that swims from Argentina to New Zealand. A woman in white dress lifting the cars down the street. A new planet that is discovered in the sky. A man who falls on the street. A roller coaster. The fragility, the dreams, the ephemeral of the human facing the constant challenge of time. Interligated stories that sew a more than surprising story, where the existential meaning of life, the adventure of love, the challenges of coexistence show that the world can bring unlimited experiences, if you are willing to live them.

  • 2014/ 2015
  • El Extranjero Theater – Buenos Aires
  • Author and Director: Leonardo Mendonça
  • Cast: Sandra Criolani, Gerardo Baamonde, Santiago Fraccarolli
  • Character: Rita