Women of the Nazis

Women of the Nazis

The horror of dehumanization, insensitivity, the reification of the other and naked violence goes through the History of Humanity.
Irma Grese was one of the main war criminals at the Bergen-Belsen Trial, held between September and December 1945. She was known for letting dogs jump on prey to devour them, killing inmates in cold blood, tortures children, sexual abuse and sadistic beatings with braided whips until the death of the victims.

  • 2017/ 2018
  • Buenos Aires
  • Author: Héctor Levy Daniel
  • Director: Martín Ortiz
  • Cast: Marcela Arza, Matías Castelli, Esteban Ciulla, Francisco Civit, Marcela Fraiman, Cecilia Labourt, Viviana Suraniti, Sandra Criolani.
  • Character: Irma Grese



I Killed a Guy

I Killed a Guy

A man in the daily life of his home confesses to his wife that he has killed a guy. What seems to be a single event, the product of an impulse, of a moment of madness, will become an everyday event. His wife, who does everything possible to keep him away from the crime, will be transformed into his main covert. The husband’s homicidal compulsion finds «family restraint» in his wife, but eventually everyone will fall into his murderous rage. Through a mood of darker color, the work takes us through the labyrinths of marriage and shows us how far the family is able to cover up the most terrible horrors. The language of the piece seems to be the compendium of the common places of couple relationships until the emptying of meaning, to nonsense as the only way of relating.

  • 2014/2015
  • Author: Daniel Dalmaroni
  • Director: Adrián Venagli
  • Cast: Alejandro Fiore, Karina Massocco, Fabio Aste, Sandra Criolani
  • Character: Julieta

Witches of Salem

Witches of Salem

Written in 1952, it is based on the facts surrounding the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Miller wrote about the event as an allegory of the McCarthyist repression of the 1950s.

  • 2012
  • Broadway Theater- Buenos Aires
  • Author: Arthur Miller
  • Director: Marcelo Cossentino
  • Cast: Juan Gil Navarro, Rita Cortese, Carlos Belloso, Roberto Carnagui, Carlos Kaspar, Julia Calvo, Roberto Catarineu, Belén Santos, Lali Espósito, Sandra Criolani.
  • Character: Mary Warren

The woman who lifted the Car


The woman who lifted the car

An 80-year-old man who forgets his teeth in a subway. An old dog that follows people down the street. A pregnant woman who wants to be an airplane pilot. A lost penguin that swims from Argentina to New Zealand. A woman in white dress lifting the cars down the street. A new planet that is discovered in the sky. A man who falls on the street. A roller coaster. The fragility, the dreams, the ephemeral of the human facing the constant challenge of time. Interligated stories that sew a more than surprising story, where the existential meaning of life, the adventure of love, the challenges of coexistence show that the world can bring unlimited experiences, if you are willing to live them.

  • 2014/ 2015
  • El Extranjero Theater – Buenos Aires
  • Author and Director: Leonardo Mendonça
  • Cast: Sandra Criolani, Gerardo Baamonde, Santiago Fraccarolli
  • Character: Rita



Candela Castro is an Argentine artist who, unable to cope with unexpected news, decides to escape to Egypt. On the plane flight she meets Pilar, who is traveling in search of a new reality … The two women belong to completely different worlds, or are they deeply united?

The camel’s kick is a sci-fi drama with comedy overtones.

My Character: Pilar


Authors: Sofia Isabel González and Sandra Criolani

Direction: Ernesto Domínguez

Cast: Sofía Isabel González, Sandra Criolani and Federico Ferreyra

Voices off: Barbie Martínez, Martina Zalazar and Ernesto Domínguez

Original music: Sebastián Lerena

Sound design: Ernesto Domínguez

Illumination design: Ernesto Domínguez

Scenography: Sabrina López Hovhannessian

General production: Sofia Isabel González and Sandra Criolani

Press and dissemination: Shirly Potaz y Pilar Prado



by Sofia and Manuela Gonzalez Gil

«In a wedding, four friends locked in the closet of a party hall try to help Guadalupe, the bride, who regrets having married.»

Dramaturgy: Manuela González Gil, Sofía González Gil

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Jimena Gonzales, Anita Guitierrez, Clara Hails

Graphic design: Malena Papanicolau

Directing assistance: Manuela González Gil

Direction: Sofía González Gil


by Maximiliano Sarramone

«No one is going to convince you of what your eyes do not want to see, not a mirror, not a teacher, nor this violent comedy about obsession.»

Dramaturgy: Maxi Sarramone

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Lucas Lagré, Maxi Sarramone, Leticia Torres

Costumes: Company Terca

Photography: Maria DI Paola

Directing assistance: Paula Zelis

Art direction: Company Terca

Direction: Maxi Sarramone, Leticia Torres

Of Mice and Men


By John Steinbeck

First premiere in Argentina.

La Pampa, 1968. Jorge and Lito are two swallow pawns and only have each other. They travel around the country with the illusion of raising enough money to lease their own farm and thus end the misery they drag, but the crudeness of the world will test that unique friendship. Based on the novel by John Steinbeck Nobel Prize for literature.

Character: Woman


Artistic technical sheet

Author: John Steinbeck

Version: Lisandro Fiks

Translation: Juan Luppi

Direction: Lisandro Fiks, Gustavo Luppi

Cast: Sandra Criolani, Lisandro Fiks, Heinz Krattiger, Gustavo Luppi, Juan Luppi, Ramiro Mendez Roy

Scenography: Micaela Sleigh

Design of Lights: Lisandro Fiks, Gustavo Luppi

Photography: Franco Alonso

Assistance of Management: Daniel Caceres

Press: Marcos Mutuverría

Executive Production: Juan Luppi, Ramiro Mendez Roy