Born in the province of Córdoba, I lived until I was eighteen in the town of Oncativo,

where I began my first steps in the art of acting. I currently reside in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from the National University of Córdoba.


I also have trained in ACTING with Augusto Fernández,

with Nesti Domínguez in the “Chubbuck Technique” and I continue my training with Lisandro Fiks.



I have trained in Hip Hop Dance with Majo de la Iglesia and in Contemporary Dance, Jazz and Broadway-Jazz

with teachers Gabriela Serra and Darío Dorzi.



I have trained with Silvina Fernández and Fernanda Martínez Mina.




I am part of the cast of “The Uncle’s Tale”, by Ignacio Guggiari; «Don’t forget about me», feature film starring

Leonardo Sbaraglia; and “El Kiosco”, a feature film in which he co-stars with Pablo Echarri.


Among my works in THEATER

I highlight “The Camel’s kick”, a work with which I debuted as an author in addition to being a co-star;

“Men and Mice”, by John Steinbeck, version by Lisandro Fiks; «The Witches of Salem», Broadway Theater in Buenos Aires;

«Kill a Guy» by Daniel Dalmaroni; “The Women of the Nazis” by Héctor Levy-Daniel; “Los Güérfanos”, by Jazmín Sequeira;

and «Destercerizing the home. People in shitty hotels» by René Pollesh (Goethe Institute Argentina and Uruguay);

doing national and international tours.


On TV,

I have been part of the casts in “ONCE” (Disney Channel); “Fakers” (Polka); «Sres. Papis» (Telefe); «Eden The Series» (CDA-CN23),

«The Purge» (CDA) and “History in Motion” (Meeting, public TV).



I have represented brands such as Amazon, Porsche, Coca-Cola and Rexona, among others,

directed by renowned international directors such as Oscar winner Peter Farrelly and Samuel Bayer from the USA,

Kike Maíllo from Catalonia and Augusto Giménez Zapiola and Hernán Corera from Argentina.


I have participated in important MUSIC VIDEOS

for international artists “IL DIVO” and “Sin Banderas”,

and Argentine artists such as “Iñaki” and “De Bueyes”.




formed by Carolina Valsagna (Mexico).


I speak ENGLISH. (Intermediate-advanced level).

I studied at the Faculty of Languages of the National University of Córdoba,

and at the British Lyceum of Buenos Aires.

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